H Culture is an Animation developing, Distribution and Co-Investment company.

H Culture was established in 2004 by Sukhwa Hong in Seoul, South Korea and has been creating original animations.

Animation development

H Culture established a joint venture in Portland, USA with Will VInton, Oscar winner and has been developing a feature film animation, <Codename Housewife>.

Our Executive producer Bill Schultz, the former The simpson's producer has been developing  as a 20 million USD sized  feature film in US with major partners China Film Group and GFM film in UK.

Co-production and investment

H Culture made an agreement with IRIB, the biggest broadcasting company in Asia,

IRIB will invest into New IP H Culture collected.

We are looking for EXCELLENT new project to invest.


H Culture began to distribute animations globally since 2017.

We have been exploring and launching a lot of animations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

We are seeking EXCELLENT titles for finished programs to distribute.

VOD platform

H Culture recently established an animation VOD platform with local partners in Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country,

Who We Are?